Microsoft Issues First Skype Preview Build on Android

Posted on February 16, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Skype with 14 Comments

Microsoft Issues First Skype Preview Build on Android

Microsoft has issued its first Skype Preview app release to those who signed up for the Skype Insider program.

There seems to be some confusion around this as well. That is, many blogs are reporting that the Skype Insider program has “become” or “been renamed to” Skype Preview, but that is not the case. The program is still called Skype for Insider. The pre-release app provided to those in the program is called Skype Preview, just as it is on Windows 10.

You may also recall that Skype—because they can’t seem to get anything right—originally called its prerelease program “Skype Insiders” (with an “s”) whereas the rest of Microsoft uses the word “Insider” (no “s”). For example, Microsoft has the Windows Insider Program, the Office Insider Program, and the Xbox Insider Program. All were consistently named. Except for Skype.

Well, they fixed that. 🙂 And retroactively edited their original blog post announcing the program to use the correct name.

Anyway, Skype for Insiders—sorry, Insider—has just released its first pre-release Skype Preview build to the Google Play Store. I assume you have to be a member of the Skype Insider program, which you can do by registering here. (Update: As it turns out, Skype Preview for Android is open to everyone. Only iOS users have to register.)

Looking at the new app quickly, I see a nicely redesigned UX and some new features, too, including a GIF icon next to the emoticon icon that lets you send GIFs during a chat.

You can also swipe left or right to access the camera during a conversation.

Looks great to me.


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