Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10 Leaks

Posted on June 23, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Office 365, Windows 10 with 15 Comments

Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10 Leaks

Microsoft announced in May that it would port the Surface Hub Whiteboard app to Windows 10 PCs this year. But WindowsBlogItalia has gotten their hands on a leaked copy.

Better still, if you’re into this kind of thing, they can tell you how to install the leaked app for yourself as well.

I’m not going to help with that. But Whiteboard is a natural addition to any pen-enabled Windows PC, like Microsoft’s Surface Pro or Surface Studio. And like its Surface Hub counterpart, it will allow for multi-user access.

I first wrote about Whiteboard for Windows 10 back in May, when it was announced, noting that it provided two-way inking, intelligent ink conversion (shapes with accurate measurements and so on), real-time collaboration with remote users, and more. I suspect it will closely resemble the updated Whiteboard app for Surface Hub that shipped as part of the Creators Update.

But WindowsBlogItalia provides a few more details, including a (badly translated) peek at the release notes, which notes three main areas of capability: Use ink to enable smart features, use the power of the web, and work together from different places.

Anyway, it’s possible that this leak means a public release could happen soon.


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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10 Leaks”

  1. jrswarr

    Well the one thing I can say about the app as you are showing it is that is , well, indeed a Whiteboard.

  2. SIAShotgun

    This revised whiteboard app appeared on our Hub last week. It's pretty good for that application. Not sure what need it's trying to meet on a device other than the Hub.

  3. warren

    Hey everyone, here's a screenshot of our new whiteboard app!

    *empty white screen*

  4. scottmag

    I work in a globally-distributed office environment where we use a variety of collaboration tools, but we do not have anything that emulates a simple whiteboard for participants on a video conference call. This is a use case we have considered the Surface for. I would be interested in how well this product works.

  5. SvenJ

    I went ahead and installed via the instructions. Some neat features. There is a graphing function that lets you handwrite a function and it recognizes and graphs it. Also a web search based on what you handwrite in a box. Beyond that it has some nice shape recognition functionality, and an assortment of pens. Only drawback to more testing is it has a sign in option that I expect would open up collaboration. It doesn't want an e-mail. I expect it is looking for an O365 business sign in.

    I can see this being quite useful, if it is projected to the conference room monitor/TV. If everyone can see and contribute, it's more convenient than walking up to the board. Markers never dry out, and it erases real clean ;)

    • Locust Infested Orchard Inc.

      In reply to SvenJ:
      Quote: "[Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10] it erases real clean"

      Yeah, no more having to slap the trusted traditional wooden blackboard duster on a tree truck every Friday afternoon, whilst the chalk dust sprays into the air with chalk particulates irritating the eyes with multicolored chalk dust on the side of my school uniform.

      I was the blackboard monitor for one term in primary school, so I'm in a position to testify to the mess chalk dust used to make. You bet my Mother was furious for those three months every Friday evening.

      Wish Surface Hub existed back then.

  6. allanwith

    Looking forward to this app being released - IMHO they should release everything that the Surface Hub does so that we people could make their own poor man's Surface Hubs. They could potentially replace a lot of interactive whiteboards in meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.

    Another thing I'd like to see is for them to take the Skype for Business app that runs on the Logitech SmartDock, etc. and make it possible to use it on a normal Surface without the SmartDock involved.

  7. GlendaGalvan

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  8. PamelaPeters

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