Microsoft is Retiring Office Mix, Bringing Features Elsewhere

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Office, Office 365 with 7 Comments

Microsoft is Retiring Office Mix, Bringing Features Elsewhere

Microsoft has emailed users of its Office Mix add-on for PowerPoint today to inform them that retiring the service. Instead, the firm will roll the most popular Mix functionality into PowerPoint and Stream.

“We are retiring the Office Mix Preview service on M‍ay 1, 2‍018 and need you to take action to save your files,” the email notes. “Please make sure to migrate all of your content to a storage location of your choice before the retirement date to avoid losing any of your data.”

Microsoft introduced Mix over two years ago and presented it (ahem) as a way to turn unidirectional presentations into interactive online lessons that you can share with others. It seems to have been pretty popular with teachers and educators, trainers, and other presenters.

If you do use Mix, you can sign-in at the Office Mix website to access your content and export it or migrate it elsewhere. Those with qualifying accounts—meaning Office 365 commercial or education accounts—can migrate their content to Microsoft Stream. You can learn more about content migration here.

As for the future, Microsoft says that it will be adding the “best experiences of Office Mix” across PowerPoint, Stream, and Forms over time.

“Going forward, the new recording tab in PowerPoint will allow you to create a presentation that includes recorded slides, screen recordings, narrations, audio, ink, and videos,” the email notes. “In the coming months, we’ll be connecting Forms for interactive quizzes and Stream to the recording tab to become the new publishing experience. In the meantime, you can manually export and upload these videos to Stream or another hosting site of your choice.”


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