Microsoft is Bringing Premium Features to Office 365

Posted on October 30, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Office 365, with 16 Comments

Microsoft is Bringing Premium Features to Office 365

Ending months of speculation, Microsoft confirmed today that it will bring Premium features to Office 365 Home and Personal.

“Today, we began rolling out new benefits for Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers who use,” the Outlook team explains. “These premium email features include an ad-free inbox, enhanced protection against malware and phishing, larger mailbox sizes, and premium customer support. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing additional premium features to make personal email and calendar experiences for Office 365 subscribers more powerful, productive, and secure.”

As you may recall, Microsoft launched Premium in February, offering custom domain support for up to five users, information sharing between accounts, and an ad-free inbox. But many users already paying for Office 365 wondered by they couldn’t have access to at least some of those features, especially the ad-free inbox. And in September, we learned that Microsoft was test-marketing the impact of bringing some Premium features to Office 365.

Well, now it’s happening.

To be clear, Microsoft is not making Premium part of Office 365 Home or Personal. But it is bringing some key features from that service over to Office 365. These include:

Ad-free inbox. will no longer display advertising if you pay for Office 365 Home or Personal. Which is how it should have always been, frankly.

Additional security features. Office 365 subscribers can now take advantage of additional email security features in, like attachment scanning and hyperlink checking.

More mailbox storage. Office 365 subscribers will now get 50 GB of email storage, up from the 15 GB allotted to non-paying customers. But here’s some good news for the freeloaders: Microsoft is also boosting storage limits to 50 GB for free users whose mailbox size is 12 GB or larger.

Premium support. Office 365 subscribers will now get free technical support for “Whether you call us on the phone or reach out via in-app support, you get our highest levels of care and support,” the firm notes.

These changes are automatic, Microsoft says, and effective immediately. That said, it will take about one month for the changes to rollout to all accounts. “So if you don’t see them right away, don’t worry—they are on the way.”

You can learn more about these changes on the Office Support website.


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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Microsoft is Bringing Premium Features to Office 365”

  1. JacobTheDev Premium has support for custom domains, right? Is that coming to O365 as well, or no? I don't see it specifically mentioned.

  2. jwpear

    This is a nice bonus of O365. I do not understand why the enhanced security features are essentially paid features. Security should just be a standard, table stakes feature. I often wonder the same about SQL Server--why is it necessary to pay for Enterprise just to get extra security features like TDE.

  3. tnorris

    Do the premium features still include the random duplication of my contacts?

  4. bassoprofundo

    Curious to see how this works out for me... My subscription is under an older Windows Live Custom Domain via my wife's account ([email protected]), which also her Microsoft Account ID. The blog post says that the benefits apply only if your subscription is associated with "an account" and that " accounts have email addresses ending in,,, and" By that wording, I would assume that she would not get the benefit, but her account technically is an account as it's the only place it's ever existed.

    I guess I'll wait and see and then switch the Office 365 sub over to my primary old hotmail account and share the benefits with my family's custom domain addresses so they also get the goods.

    • dlc96_darren

      In reply to bassoprofundo:

      I have the same situation, my email was set up through Windows Live Domains, and I kept it after the service went defunct. Used the same email for my O365 account. This morning I noticed the ad window was gone from my email.

      I have another email address (same scenario) the ad window is there, but it's not showing any ads. Maybe that will disappear as well.

  5. Stooks

    And yet I still can't add contact photos in 2017 even with a Office 365 Home sub.

  6. Dan1986ist

    Looks like those of us who used Non-Outlook email accounts to get Office 365 Home or Personal are not getting these features. Also, it does not mention if people with custom domains will get these features.

  7. Lewk

    Is this just U.S only? Or is it for the rest of the planet of earth as well?

  8. jmeiii75

    Well, this sucks.


    I signed up for my Office 365 subscription with a Gmail or Yahoo account, or other account. Can I still get premium benefits?

    No, these benefits only apply if your subscription is associated with an account. accounts have email addresses ending in,,, and


  9. Tallin

    To people commenting in Premium about not getting these benefits if you signed up with an email address from another provider: I'm not sure how you expect Microsoft to give you these benefits when your gmail account is provided through Google. These are all benefits for the email account, not for any products you use to access them.

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