Microsoft Planner Gets New Schedule View, Filtering Abilities

Posted on February 5, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Office 365 with 4 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out some important updates to its Planner service. The company announced earlier on Monday that it’s adding a couple of new features to Planner that will help users stay one step ahead of their projects.

Planner now includes a new schedule view that shows all of your tasks from different boards in a calendar-like view, giving you a good overview of all the deadlines for tasks within your project. The idea behind this feature is pretty simple — it can be quite difficult to note down all the deadlines for different tasks in your project, especially when you are working with a huge team. So the new schedule view is meant to take away all the distractions and just give you an overview of arguably the most important thing: the deadlines.

Microsoft is also bringing new grouping and filtering capabilities to Planner that’ll help you filter tasks by the due date, labels, and other variables. With this update, users can set up email notifications for due dates in their projects to ensure you don’t miss out on a single deadline. But more importantly, Microsoft is soon going to be adding a new iCalendar-powered feed that’ll let you keep track of things from Outlook calendar without needing to open up Planner.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Planner Gets New Schedule View, Filtering Abilities”

  1. wbhite

    I tried Planner early on but was immediately turned off when I noticed all of my projects (or "groups" in O365 lingo) showing up in the Global Address List for everyone to see. I promptly turned it off for all users until I get could a handle on it (I envisioned a dark future where my GAL had hundreds of entries that I couldn't control). I wonder if this is still the case?

  2. sjb2016

    Sooo, as it wasn't mentioned, can I presume that you still can't send an email to a list? If you're going to make a copycat service, at least make it as good as the one you're copying Microsoft. I feel much more productive with the task management in Trello/Planner, but I refuse to use Planner because sending an email to a list is so amazingly convenient. The email is actionable, it's a task, please do it automatically.

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