Outlook Now Lets You Avoid Distractions on Android and iOS

Posted on June 29, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Office 365, Outlook.com with 10 Comments

Microsoft is testing a new update for Outlook on Android and iOS that will help users reduce distractions. The company is introducing an in-app Do Not Disturb feature that will let you turn off notifications for new emails and events when you want to focus on work or life.

The new Do Not Disturb lets you mute notifications for an hour, until the next day, during events, during work hours, and more importantly, during weekends. This means you can get your mind off work when you are enjoying your weekends, and don’t have to worry much about an upcoming project deadline, or something similar.

Microsoft is also updating some of the other Office 365 apps on mobile — Word now shows word count when you scroll on Android and iOS, you can now share images from PowerPoint on Android, you can now view comments and notes on PowerPoint for Android, delete contacts on Outlook for Android, and sync draft emails on Outlook for iOS. All available with the latest updates for Office Insiders.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Outlook Now Lets You Avoid Distractions on Android and iOS”

  1. bfarkas

    I hope this is at an account level, i.e. do not disturb on weekend from my work account, but my personal account works. Would looooove this.

  2. X911ty12

    How about bringing back people/contacts? Removing them was 120% LAME.

  3. abdulla77

    Sync draft emails on Outlook for iOS.. can't believe I've been using Outlook on iOS without this option for so long.. and about notifications DND, can't see it to be a big deal. If it truly bothered you, you can switch notifications off in settings just for Outlook.

  4. Rcandelori

    I wish they'd fix the intolerable lag and bugs once there's a few days of emails cached.

  5. BobC1215

    I don't care where you use it, iOS, Android or Windows. Outlook sucks. We just switched to O365 at work and my Outlook experience is pathetic. The cloud sucks since all we are doing is moving our data father away. If I have an attachment in Outlook I get up and go do something else when trying to open the email as it takes forever.

    When we first switched from Domino to O365 we got a barrage of phishing attempts basically shutting us down. Probably our IT, but you go with a product like O365 I expected Microsoft to do a better job of protecting the user.

    Very disappointed in all things Microsoft these days. God help me if I have to move to a MAC. Giving up computing would probably be a better choice.

  6. atlbritt

    I still can't find a use case where I would want to mute all Outlook notifications (a predominantly work email system) during "work hours". Why on earth there isn't one for night time do not disturb is beyond me. Why would I want to mute my phone during the day and then have it ding all night long??

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