Microsoft Brings Dark Mode to Office for Mac

Posted on December 12, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Office 365, Mac and macOS, Office with 12 Comments

After over a month of testing with Office Insiders, Microsoft has now updated Office on the Mac with support for macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode.

According to Microsoft, Office for macOS now offers a “modern Office design that’s fully optimized for the Mac, including Retina display and full-screen view,” which refers to two key macOS features. Its customizable ribbon means that “all the power of Office [is] now organized the way you want it.”

The latest Office for Mac release also supports a new Focus Mode—a kind of trendy thing in Mac-based text editors and other creation apps—so that you can concentrate only on what you’re working on. And it features improved accessibility via its improved Reading Mode and auto-generated Alt-Text meta-data for images. It also supports expressive inking, presumably for those Mac users with a pen tablet peripheral.

But the most striking change, of course, isn’t mentioned by Microsoft when you upgrade: Office for Mac now automatically conforms to whichever view mode you use. So those using Dark Mode in macOS Mojave will now see a dark and more natural-looking new user experience.

Apple shipped macOS Mojave in September, adding Dark Mode support and other new features. Microsoft then began publicly testing Dark Mode for Office in October and extended that testing to Outlook in mid-November. With Windows 10 also supporting its own Dark Mode, Microsoft has likewise brought this UI change to other products, like on the web.

As always, you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to see this update and its new features.


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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Microsoft Brings Dark Mode to Office for Mac”

  1. red.radar

    What is fueling the dark mode interest ? Eye strain ?

    Ir is it just cool....

  2. Jeffery Commaroto

    This post made me realize Office on Windows has a dark mode. I never went looking for it. Awesome!

  3. thalter

    I don't like it: The white documents with the black windows is an extremely discomforting contrast. Even if it is no longer true WYSIWYG, they should go all in on dark mode and make the document you are editing itself dark (like Visual Studio).

  4. will

    I like this new look. They did a good job of using shades of dark grey and not just going super black. However, there is still not a way to customize the Outlook ribbon, but per discussions this on the way as well as a new Outlook UI.

  5. Jeffsters

    I like it! Thanks Microsoft!

  6. alfredjohnson

    Great news! Really I am very glad to read this awesome news about the new feature of microsoft office for Mac user. I am also using Mac for the five years, so I am so liked these new dark in MS Office and I hope people also liked this awesome feature. Rally this is very update for all kind of technology related news thats why I bookmark this informative site. Actually I am working as a professional writer at EduBirdie and I need to always using MS Office so this news will be help to update my old Microsoft Office and enjoy this new feature with dark mode. So I much appreciate to the author for sharing this great news!

  7. sakhinecklace

    This feature is awesome in macbook i,m also use it

    Click and see

  8. wikipedia india

    I tried to do so many times. This post is really good.

  9. tyreecewilley

    I love this dark mode feature in Microsoft office. As a professional assignment writer, I often use MS-office in my mac and this feature gives me different experience during different day time. I really appreciate such new features.