Microsoft Poised to Release New OneDrive Storage Plans

Posted on August 14, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Office 365, OneDrive with 26 Comments

Back in June, Microsoft revealed that it would finally offer OneDrive storage tiers above 1 TB, albeit only to paying Office 365 customers. Based on a recent leak, those new tiers should become available soon.

As is so often the case, the OneDrive storage tiers were leaked by Walking Cat, who, along with their followers, revealed the currently inactive Microsoft Store listings for 200 GB, 400 GB, 600 GB, 800 GB, and 1 TB annual plans.

Those with Office 365 Home and Personal accounts each get 1 TB of OneDrive storage. These plans are in addition to that, so the new upper limit is now 2 TB per account. Back when Microsoft announced this change, it said that the new tiers would become available “in the coming months.”

This is a nice step in the right direction. But Google, by comparison, offers Google One storage tiers well beyond 2 TB.

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Comments (27)

27 responses to “Microsoft Poised to Release New OneDrive Storage Plans”

  1. jdjan

    What this doesn't address is the fact that I get 1TB per user currently for a total of 5TB. Are these extra fees 'per user' or per account?

  2. wbhite

    First they take away the "unlimited" storage we all thought we were paying for and now they're charging us for mere morsels by comparison. No, thanks.

  3. Atoqir

    Bad pricing for regular consumers who don't need office or get an office license for home use from work (but without the cloud space)

    You can get 2TB on iCloud Drive for 9.99 a month. You can split the space between family. iCloud Drive also supports files on demand on Windows now and can seamlessly backup your whole phone, savegames and settings.

  4. wright_is

    They obviously don't want people to have the extra storage. The price for 12 months 1TB storage is around $70 (RRP $99) for Office 365, plus an hour of Skype Out every month plus 1TB of storage (on up to 6 accounts). The second 1TB of storage is $120, just for the storage! If you go for the Personal version of Office 365, it is even more out of kilter.

    Does that $120 pass on to all linked accounts, like the first 1TB does?

  5. dontbeevil

    but but the store is dead :)

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to dontbeevil:

      Stop being a dick.

      It seems like this is your only point. All you're doing is making noise and disrupting. For no good reason.

      No one said the Store was dead. I've said that UWP is dead because that is what the decision makers at Microsoft said privately. I am just communicating what's happening, not projecting my own agenda or whatever.

      What's happening to the Store is that it will no longer be the sole place for developers to deploy what used to be called Store apps, which are not just UWP apps but all kinds of packaged apps. Now they're called Windows Apps and can be deployed anywhere/anyhow.

      What I've said about the Store is that this change deemphasizes its role. Which, of course, it does.

      It's unclear this is somehow personally problematic for you and necessitates continued harassment. But it's gotta stop, no matter the reason.

    • fbman

      In reply to dontbeevil:

      and no one uses Microsoft accounts as well lol and Everybody wants Office 2019 or Libreoffice..

      But seriously

      I think Office 365 is good value. I mainly have it for onedrive storage. My hobby is photography, so I store all the my pictures there.

      • dontbeevil

        In reply to fbman:

        you know right that to download free apps from the store you don't need a MS account?

        you know right how many people subscribed to Office 365 and still growing? no bad compared to office 2019 ... or libreoffice??? really???

  6. dmaddogg

    I think that is pretty competitive pricing......

    • wright_is

      In reply to dmaddogg:

      Not really. Office 365 Home costs me around $70 (including Tax), on Amazon in Germany. That includes 1TB, 1 hour of SkypeOut every month and Office 365 itself, on up to 6 PCs across up to 6 accounts, which each get the 1TB storage.

      The additional 1TB is almost twice as expensive as the first, if you exclude all the other value you get from the original package.

      • BigM72

        In reply to wright_is:

        But it's not really the relevant comparison. The question is, for people who want that much storage in a single account, what do competitors charge?

      • paradyne

        In reply to wright_is:

        If one (or more) of the other 5 accounts were to share a folder with you, it's kind of like mounting their 1TB storage in a folder of your storage. Which can also then show up as a folder using the Windows client too. And the other account is just a different email address not necessarily another person..

  7. docpaul

    I'm reminded of the Compaq all-in-one desktop PC I got when I started my freshman year of college. It had a 200 MB hard drive. And Windows ate around 50 of those MBs.

  8. JoePaulson

    In reply to SvenJ:

    And no office for 6 people, no skype minutes....

    So...If you just want storage, sure....but that's silly

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