Snapchat Brings the Magic of Its Lenses to the Desktop

Posted on October 27, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 4 Comments

You can now use Snapchat lenses on the desktop. The company announced a new app called Snap Camera for Windows and Mac devices that will let you use its amazing lenses on the desktop.

Snap Camera will let you use any of the featured Snapchat lenses, as well as all the other lenses created by Snapchat users using the Lens Studio app, which is another app for the desktop that lets you create lenses for Snapchat. The app itself is pretty clever — you can use it try out different lenses and even stream to Twitch.

Snapchat is launching an extension for Twitch that will let streamers use these lenses on their streams, and even hook it up with Twitch subscriptions for special reactions when someone subscribes to their channel. There are also a bunch of new filters for popular video games like PUBG and League of Legends available.

And if you want to use the lenses anywhere else, like Skype or Mixer, you can also do that. Snap Camera creates a virtual webcam source on your computer so you can use the lenses anywhere you want, and that includes apps like Skype or even your browser. It’s pretty cool.

You can try out Snap Camera here. 

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