Facebook Now Gives You More Granular Control Over Location Tracking on Android

Posted on February 20, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 1 Comment

Facebook is updating its Android and iOS app to offer users increased control over location tracking. The company actively collects a lot of location data on your phone, and it’s now notifying users about the data collection as a good measure.

Although nothing is changing on iOS, the company is introducing a new option on Android that will allow users to stop Facebook from collecting location data when the app is not in use. That’s because unlike iOS, Android does not have a built-in location tracking feature that allows you to limit apps to having access to your location only when you are using an app. Google is expected to introduce a similar feature on Android with this year’s Android Q release, but that’s probably going to take ages to arrive for most Android users.

The company is also notifying users on both Android and iOS to review their location settings.

It is nice to see Facebook being kind of open about this. The company has found itself in many privacy controversies in recent times, so this is a nice change of pace for once.

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One response to “Facebook Now Gives You More Granular Control Over Location Tracking on Android”

  1. alpensturm

    Dream on! Remember the Google Locationgate scandal? That company will track and monetize your location no matter what you tell your smartphone or app to do. Thankfully, I got rid of all Google stuff, so I really don't care. Facebook, I have never needed for anything.