Twitter Starts Testing a New Prototype App ‘twttr’ to Improve Conversations

Posted on February 20, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 7 Comments

Last year, I wrote about how Twitter is experimenting with making the platform more conversational. Well, those changes could finally be making their way to actual users. Twitter today announced a new prototype app — subtly titled “twttr” — that will allow users to test these upcoming changes. That’s obviously Twitter’s original name, so it’s kind of a nudge at the original idea behind Twitter.

Twitter employee David Hart shared the idea behind this new prototype app, stating how the company wants to improve conversations on the platform with these new ideas. “To start with, we are focused on making conversations easier to read, easier to understand, and easier to participate in,” Hart tweeted. Hart later went on to explain how the company wants to be able to make rapid and bold changes to Twitter efficiently going forward. And all of that involves this new prototype app that anyone can sign-up for. 

So what exactly is changing? From what we have seen earlier, Twitter is testing features like Status that’ll encourage new conversations, as well as things like icebreakers, and colour-coded replies within threads to improve readability. There are likely a lot of other changes, so we will have to see how the new app works once Twitter actually starts inviting users who sign-up for the new prototype app.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Twitter Starts Testing a New Prototype App ‘twttr’ to Improve Conversations”

  1. Brazbit

    Here's an idea. How about posts simply appear in chronological order.

    If they are part of a conversation, sure color code it or whatever so that you can know to click and read/participate in that conversation but let the feed itself be chronological without any algorithms or other interference. There are plenty of ways they could split out "Top Posts" or whatever just like they do with the mentions feed or lists.

    The main feed should just be a real time stream. Sure they recently let you switch to a chronological view but they keep switching it back to "top posts" and telling you that you are back "home". It would be great if they would just stop doing that.

  2. av8ryxx

    iOS Only right now.... :(

  3. MikeGalos

    Worth noting it's only for iOS initially.

  4. locust infested orchard inc

    Quote from article by Mehedi Hassan, "Twitter employee David Hart shared the idea behind this new prototype app, stating how the company wants to improve conversations on the platform with these new ideas."

    The single most effective way to improve harmonious conversational flow is to remove the Twats who bring discord whilst being confrontational at every given opportunity.

    To illustrate my point succinctly, just read any of the Presidential Tweets – these are the Twats that ought to have their accounts rescinded, followed by being reeducated in the art of netiquette, prior to being reenabled onto the platform.

    One's belligerence in the real World ought not to be reflected in the virtual world. Sadly, the assumed anonymity in the virtual world somehow gives credence to act as an a-hole, mostly for shits 'n' giggles, without recognising or caring for the emotions of afflicted one.

  5. chrishilton1

    The logo on the app is great, intricate concentric circles, love it

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