Instagram Will Finally Let You Fast Forward Videos

Although Instagram is made for pictures, there are a ton of videos on the platform. Instagram limits videos to only one minute in duration, and that’s because the longer videos live on its IGTV platform. But even when you are viewing these 60 second long videos on Instagram, the experience is a bit…annoying.

Thing is because Instagram automatically plays videos, when you are scrolling on your feed, that can cause some problems. For example, if you are watching a video and you scroll down a bit by mistake, the video will start from the very beginning. And if you are 40 seconds in to a video and want to watch the entire clip, having to go through that entire 40 second again is really, really annoying.

Instagram is now fixing that with a new feature that will let you skip to any timeframe you want in a video. The company is testing a video seekbar on its app that will let you do so with a simple drag interface:

And yes, I know, this isn’t anything innovative. But truthfully, the video watching experience on Instagram has been incredibly painful for me mainly because of this issue and I am so so glad that it’s finally been addressed.

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