Microsoft’s Altspace VR Platform Drops Social Hubs and Improves Safety

Posted on February 16, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Social with 1 Comment

AltspaceVR, the social VR platform that Microsoft acquired back in 2017 is making some changes to improve user safety. First of all, you’ll soon need a Microsoft Account to sign into AltspaceVR, and existing users can already link their account to a Microsoft account.

“Just as we do for Xbox, Windows, and other Microsoft services, we will integrate MSA accounts with Microsoft Family Safety, allowing parents to approve or limit access to AltspaceVR for 13+ family members who download AltspaceVR from the Microsoft Store. We will communicate the exact timing and how parents can implement these changes in the months ahead, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman explained today.

To ensure that AltspaceVR users feel safe on the platform, Microsoft is also turning on the Safety Bubble feature by default, which prevents others from entering a user’s personal space. As the Redmond giant plans to improve moderations on AltspaceVR in the coming weeks, Kipman has also announced the upcoming removal of the platform’s hosted social hubs, which includes the Campfire, News, and Entertainment Commons.

“As we continue to develop and innovate on products like AltspaceVR, – which is a building block for the future of the metaverse – safety within the environment must be part of the foundation. It is our commitment to the community, from those who have been along on the journey from Day One, to those we are welcoming today, to create platforms and experiences you can trust,” Kipman said today.

AltspaceVR is currently available on all major VR headsets including Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Oculus devices, and the HTC Vive. If you don’t have a VR headset, the platform also offers a 2D that’s accessible for all PC users.

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One response to “Microsoft’s Altspace VR Platform Drops Social Hubs and Improves Safety”

  1. IanYates82

    I know I've heard the word AltSpaceVR before but it was some years ago and I never would've assumed it was a Microsoft property.

    Have they done anything with it, ever? Is this their too-late, despite being earlier, me-too thing for Facebook's metaverse?

    (too-late, despite being earlier, could almost be a Microsoft motto)