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Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft is Sunsetting its Windows Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft is pulling the plug on its Windows Mixed Reality platform and its integration with…

Report: Toxicity Continues at Nadella’s Microsoft

Despite the feel-good vibe of the Satya Nadella era, Microsoft’s upper executive ranks continue to…

Microsoft’s Altspace VR Platform Drops Social Hubs and Improves Safety

AltspaceVR, the social VR platform that Microsoft now sees as a building block for its…

Microsoft Reportedly Killed HoloLens 3

Business Insider claims that Microsoft has killed HoloLens 3 over uncertainty about the platform’s future.

Microsoft, Qualcomm Partner on Custom AR Chipsets

Qualcomm announced today that it is partnering with Microsoft on custom chipsets for augmented reality…

Microsoft Ignite: Teams Heads to the Metaverse

Not willing to be left out of the hype around the metaverse, Microsoft has announced…

Microsoft Announces its Mesh MR Platform

Microsoft Mesh is a new mixed-reality platform powered by Azure that allows people in different…

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Experience is Now Available

Microsoft announced today that the virtual reality (VR) experience for Flight Simulator is now available…

HP, Microsoft, Valve Team-Up for New ‘next-gen’ VR Headset

HP, Microsoft, and Valve are working on a new, next-gen VR headset. Details on the…

Microsoft to Host Mixed Reality Dev Event

With its MWC plans thwarted by the Coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft will now host a Mixed…

HP’s Next Windows Mixed Reality Features Higher Resolution and Improved Comfort

HP is working on a premium-looking Windows Mixed Reality headset.

Windows 10’s Latest Build Brings Win32 App Support to Windows Mixed Reality

You can now run classic Windows apps in Windows Mixed Reality.

Microsoft Outings Comes to Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft's app for touristy places is now available on Windows Muxed Reality.

Microsoft’s Making a Prototyping Tool for VR

Microsoft is bringing a VR tool that lets you prototype ideas for VR and MR.

New Samsung Headset Tries to Overcome Mixed Reality’s Biggest Problem

The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ comes with a higher-resolution display that the firm says eliminates the…

Acer Announces Next-gen Modular Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Acer's next-gen Windows Mixed Reality is here, starts shipping in November.

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