Tip: Get Dark Mode on Thurrott.com (and Elsewhere)

Posted on September 22, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Web browsers with 21 Comments

A new web browser extension will allow you to view Thurrott.com—and most of the web—in dark mode. It works with all popular browsers

It’s called Dark Reader, and you can find it in the Chrome Web Store (Chrome/new Edge), the Firefox Add-Ons website, and the macOS App Store (Safari).

I’ve been using it in Chrome and the new Edge, and it works great: You can configure numerous filter-like features for things like darkness, brightness, contrast, sepia, and grayscale globally or on a site-by-site basis. And you can, of course, toggle it on/off for individual sites as well.

I’ve run into a few sites that override this behavior. But overall, Dark Reader is a winner. And something I recommend strongly to anyone who’s embraced dark mode in their desktop OS and wants to see it in the sites they visit as well.

Thanks to Eric Barch for the tip. Which came via Twitter, proving that not every interaction there has to be a soul-killing personal attack. Thanks!

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Comments (21)

21 responses to “Tip: Get Dark Mode on Thurrott.com (and Elsewhere)”

  1. Ben Lee

    Bee nusing this for years and it is wonderful. Makes so much difference when reading at night. eBay and TP-Link router configuration pages are the few places I've found it to be buggy.

  2. diamond575

    Awesome! I have been using it all day at work since I read the article yesterday. Thanks!

  3. Jim Lewis

    Great tip! Thanks!

  4. dallasnorth40

    Very, very nice! Thanks for this tip!

  5. dkrowe

    Been using this at work for a few weeks now with Beta channel and my eyes are loving it. Sometimes drop-down controls don't get dark-ified, but I can live with that.

  6. mike2thel73

    meanwhile I can get this for free (don't worry I'll throw the dude a couple of bucks) on chrome, Firefox, & edge but it's $5 in the Mac App Store. I'll wait for apple to bring dark mode to safari without an extension and a forced donation of $5.

  7. rosyna

    Instead of using an extension, why not have Thurrott.com implement the actual standard for supporting dark mode?

    it’s supported in every major browser, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Android’s browser, et cetera via the color-scheme CSS selector.

  8. Chris_Kez

    The real gap for me is still mobile, as I'm much more likely to be using my phone at night than my desktop.

  9. navarac

    Warning - personal opinion!!!!

    That's better. Most site's text in light mode tends to look grey to me, rather than sharp black. I find Dark Mode far better. I'm sure my eyes are grateful.

  10. dontbeevil

    Personal attack... Lol this is getting ridiculous

    So be careful everybody that disagree with thurrots, providing facts in a civil manner... Will be blocked because of "personal attacks"


    This part is interesting

    "Accusations about personal behavior that lack evidence. Serious accusations require serious evidence. Evidence often takes the form of diffs and links presented on the wiki."

    Say uwp is dead without serious evidence should be considered a personal attacck

    • ragingthunder

      In reply to dontbeevil:

      Why are you banging this bush for so long? UWP is the default framework to develop apps for Windows 10. Don't like it? There are 1000 other options.

      Also, there are plenty of other places on the Internet to be callous and argumentative. This site isn't one of them. People come here for Thurrott's personal views as much as they come for other MS developments.

      • dontbeevil

        In reply to ragingthunder:

        "People come here for Thurrott's personal views as much as they come for other MS developments."

        the problem is that it's not stated anywhere that's a personal view, but it's advertised like an absolute truth and reality, if it was clearly stated that's a point of view, I'd have nothing to complain... also if it's a point of view, why he deleted comments and block people that express their point of view in a civil manner, often providing real facts?

        • Greg Green

          In reply to dontbeevil:

          Based on your performance here, you are generally unable to disagree with a person without insulting them. That’s a problem either you solve on your own, or the website owner solves it by banning you. Again.

          It really is that simple.

        • chocolate starfish

          In reply to dontbeevil:

          "why he deleted comments and block people that express their point of view in a civil manner"

          Civil? You consider constantly questioning the integrity of Paul, Mehedi and the site in general to be civil. Good grief!

  11. spacein_vader

    It's not new, first release was 2014. It is however very good.

  12. Daekar

    Been using this for a while now and very happy with it. It works on my company's intranet sites including SharePoint, and rarely gets in the way. When it does, it's easy to set per-site exceptions, so it never happens more then once. I'd echo Paul's recommendation.

  13. khatarnakideas

    Great tips thanks.