Microsoft Reveals New Logo for Microsoft Edge

Posted on November 2, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft Edge, Web browsers with 59 Comments

Microsoft has a new logo for its Edge browser, and the new logo is…something. What you see above is the brand new logo for Microsoft Edge, which will likely go live once Microsoft ships the new Chromium-based Edge browser to the public.

The new Edge logo was revealed as part of a treasure/easter egg hunt from Microsoft, which involved the Edge team posting a number of puzzles and clues on the /r/MicrosoftEdge subreddit. There were a number of complex clues and puzzles to solve, and the curious fans got to work, finally reaching their goal by getting to the new Edge logo which was revealed after finishing a fun little game on edge://surf.

As far as browser logos go, this is an interesting one. The new logo reminds me a lot of Mozilla Firefox, and its a major departure from the classic Edge logo we have seen for years. The new logo will definitely take a bit of getting used to, and although it may look a little funny at first, it will probably grow on all of us sooner or later. Plus, it probably makes a lot easier to distinguish between the older, classic Edge and this new Edge browser Microsoft has been cooking up for months.

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