Reader Mode Improved on Opera for Android

Posted on February 6, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile, Web browsers with 0 Comments

Opera announced today that the Android version of its web browser now supports a vastly improved reader mode, which eliminates ads and other distractions in web-based articles and posts.

“The improved reader mode is Opera’s latest effort to allow people to focus on the content they want, without distractions,” Opera notes. “Regardless of a website’s design, it displays articles in an optimized format that improves their readability.”

So. What changed?

Opera says that the new reader mode is designed for maximum readability regardless of the display of the device used. It fixes problems with dense layouts and small fonts, works well for those with vision problems, and uses the more readable Roboto font for body text and Roboto Slab for headlines. That latter font includes serifs, which “makes article headlines look more like newspaper headlines and differentiates the text from the system font used in the rest of the browser’s UI,” Opera says.

Opera says that the new reader mode builds on the unique value of its Android web browser, which includes over 100 new features added in 2019 alone. Some of the key new features include a free and unlimited virtual private network (VPN), an improved ad blocker, a cookie blocker dialog, and an integrated crypto wallet that works with Bitcoin, Ethereum and TRON.

You can download Opera for Android from the Google Play Store.

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