Opera R2020 Arrives with New Branding, Features

Posted on February 25, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Web browsers with 2 Comments

The Opera web browser has been rebranded with a new year-based naming scheme and some neat new organizational features.

“At Opera, we like to start each year with a Reborn release of our browser,” Opera’s Joanna Czajka writes in the announcement, alluding to the firm’s branding scheme. “The Reborn series allows us to keep challenging ourselves to do better.”

Opera released Opera Reborn 1 in early 2017 and followed up with Reborn 2 and Reborn 3 in the subsequent years. For 2020, Opera is starting a new year-based branding scheme, so this year’s first major update is called R2020. And it includes the following improvements:

Workspaces. Opera describes Workspaces as a new tool that lets you organize your tabs according to whatever projects—or “different life contexts”—you may be doing. R2020 supports up to 5 workspaces, which can be named and visually identified with customizable icons.

Highlight duplicate tabs. When you hover the mouse pointer over a tab, other tabs with the same address will also be highlighted so that you can remove redundant tabs more easily.

Updated tab-cycler. Opera’s tab-cycler has been updated to be horizontal and more obviously visually accessible. As before, you can also type CTRL + TAB to cycle between tabs.

Improved video pop-out. Video pop-out now allows more control over the video with an added video timer, a back-to-tab button, and a next-track button.

Improved sidebar configuration. Opera’s sidebar now features a new setup panel, accessible via a three-dot “more” menu at the top, that helps you more easily configure this feature, which lets you access browser features like History, Bookmarks, and Extensions, plus sidebar extensions for Twitter, Instagram, Google Translate, and other online tools.

Improved privacy and security. Opera R2020 improves privacy and security by providing DNS over HTTPS (DoH), which helps prevent eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

You can learn more and download Opera R2020 for free from the Opera website.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Opera R2020 Arrives with New Branding, Features”

  1. jimchamplin

    Opera still looks like a nice product, but it really is a shame about their Chinese owners using the Opera name for shady dealings.


  2. tralfaz

    You didn't note that the Opera installer, on completing it's download, then automatically opens up preferences and sets itself as the default Windows 10 browser.

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