Vivaldi 5.1 is Now Available on Windows, Android

Posted on February 10, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Web browsers with 3 Comments

Vivaldi has shipped new versions of its browser on Windows and Android, adding scrollable tabs and a reading list on the former.

“The first release of the year—Vivaldi 5.1—as arrived,” Vivaldi’s Jon von Tetzchner writes. ‘Vivaldi browser on desktop and notebooks lets you scroll tabs horizontally, even when working with two levels of tab stacks, save pages to read later with the Reading List, and provides quick access settings for the start page. The new version on Android provides more theme colors, flexible minimum tab width, and improves the speed, even with a lot of open tabs.”

Scrollable Tabs was one of Vivaldi’s top feature requests. It lets you scroll tab horizontally and can be combined with two-level Tab Stacks for a truly unique way to manage open tabs: just mouse over one of the tab rows and the tabs will scroll in the direction of the mouse cursor.

The Reading List feature works like Reading List in Microsoft Edge (or Pocket in Mozilla Firefox) and lets you save and keep track of stories and other web pages you wish to read later. It’s built-in and there’s no service to deal with, and it will sync between your PCs.

On Android, Vivaldi 5.1 provides more color theme choices so you can customize the browser more than before, with adaptive colors, 4 theme presets, or your own custom color. You can also customize the minimum width of tabs in the browser so that the shrinkable tabs feature doesn’t make them too small. And the performance is a lot better thanks to “continuous under-the-hood work.”

You can download Vivaldi for Windows from the Vivaldi website. You can download Vivaldi for Android from the Google Play Store.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Vivaldi 5.1 is Now Available on Windows, Android”

  1. jeffrye

    Vivaldi is my favorite web browser right now. I love the built in ad blocking and mouse gestures. I especially love that it lets me use whatever search engine I want. I used to use Edge for everything but when I tried a new, ad-free search engine (neeva), it kept trying to switch back to Bing. Every single update either turned off the extension and switched the search engine back to Bing or warned me that I should turn it off and switch back. I got tired of that really quickly.

  2. bschnatt

    I would love to switch to Vivaldi, but it's just too sluggish (unless they've fixed that recently)...

  3. DXtremeBob

    Vivaldi is my favorite web browser, too.