Brave 1.38 for iOS Adds a Privacy Hub

Posted on May 18, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Web browsers, iOS with 1 Comment

Brave today announced Brave 1.38 for iOS, which adds a Privacy Hub, enhanced fingerprinting protections, and more privacy safeguards.

“For Brave, privacy isn’t just marketing,” the announcement post explains. “It’s real protections built right into the core code of the browser. You can see these protections on every page you visit, and they’re on by default: With Brave, there are no extensions required, no settings to configure. You just download and browse. Privately.”

Brave 1.38 for iOS adds the following new features:

A new Privacy Hub. The Privacy Hub shows a rolling update of how many trackers Brave blocked on a specific site, or in a given time span, educating its users about trackers and other privacy threats.

Enhanced fingerprinting protections. These new protections prevent significantly more sites from fingerprinting users, while simultaneously ensuring more websites load as expected, Brave says.

Certificate viewer. Previously available on desktop and Android, the Brave Certificate viewer now comes to iOS, allowing users to view a web page’s security certificate to see whether it is valid or revoked, trusted or not, or compliant (or not) with standards.

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