Brave Will Soon Block Cookie Consent Notifications

Posted on September 28, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Web browsers with 18 Comments

Brave announced today that it is working to block cookie consent notifications in its web browser on desktop and Android.

“Starting with the current Brave Nightly, and in version 1.45 when it releases in October, the Brave browser will block cookie consent notifications on Android and Desktop (and, soon after, on iOS),” a new post to the Brave blog announces. “Cookie consent notifications are an infamous and near-constant annoyance on the Web. They break and disrupt one of the main benefits of the Web: the ability to browse content across many sites and publishers conveniently and easily.”

They’re also required by EU law, which is why you see these things so often. (Including, of course, on But as Brave notes, the issue is that these cookies can be used to help track users, “introducing the exact harm the consent systems were supposed to prevent.” Ironic.

Anyway, new versions of Brave will hide or completely block cookie consent notifications rather than use an “auto-consent” system as do some other web browsers. And it will ask you on first launch whether you’d like to enable this feature. You will.

I switched to Brave this past summer and strongly recommend that you do as well. You can learn more at the Brave website.

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