Opera Brings More AI to its Web Browsers

Opera announced today that it is adding more AI-based functionality to its Opera and Opera GX web browsers. Key among them is sidebar-based access to ChatGPT.

“With today’s launch, Opera Browser and Opera GX incorporate a host of AI-powered tools,” the Opera Team writes in the announcement post. “The suite of new features—namely AI Prompts, plus sidebar access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic—are set to transform your browsing experience: you’ll not just experience the future of the web, but browse with superpowers.”

Here’s what’s new.

AI prompts. This new feature examines a block of text—be it a paragraph, an article, or even an entire website—and shortens or explains it. Or you can use it to discover more about a particular topic. It can even generate a tweet based on the selected text. Accessible from the address bar, “AI Prompts is your new, go-to tool to interpret, summarize, and explore the web, offering you an experience that’s tailored to your interests and needs.”

ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the sidebar. You can use these services to “generate ideas, summaries, translations, and itineraries,” Opera notes. “You can write code, learn music, get help on math, and draft text. And ChatSonic can create images for you.

Users can access these new generative AI tools in early access in Opera on Windows, Mac, and Linux and in Opera GX on Windows and Mac. To do so, you have to upgrade to the latest browser version and then activate the Early Access option in setup by toggling “AI Prompts.” (In Opera GX, you also have to enable the “Early Bird” option in settings.)

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