Microsoft Is Bringing One of Edge’s Tab Management Features to Chrome

Posted on January 27, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Web browsers with 12 Comments

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is based on Chromium, and the company has been making a ton of changes to the open-source Chromium project over the last few months for its new browser. Most of these changes, however, have so far been under the hood.

And although these changes are quite important, Microsoft is yet to contribute any real features to Chromium. Well, until recently.

Microsoft engineers are actually working to bring one of Edge’s tab management features to Chromium and Chrome (via MSPU). Microsoft’s new Edge browser has a new feature that allows users to move multiple tabs to a different window, and it’s a really useful feature for power users who tend to have a ton of tabs open. The feature isn’t actually available on Chrome, but a Chromium engineer recently requested the feature to be added to Chromium from Edge.

Following the initial request, a Microsoft engineer offered to bring the feature to Chromium from Edge and the changes were recently submitted on Chromium Gerrit:

Move tab to new window supports multiple selection Adds support for moving multiple tabs to a new window from the tab context menu. Also correctly handles pinned tabs, preserving their pinned state in the new window. Since multiple tabs now can be moved, the string was changed to pluralize “tab” to “tabs” when necessary.

This may not be a major feature to many, but this could mark the beginning of more user-facing contributions from Microsoft on Chromium and Chrome. The feature could take a little while to actually show up on Google Chrome, but considering it is already very functional on Edge, it may not take too long to test the feature and bring it to the public.

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