Chrome 88 Improves Password Protections

Posted on January 20, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Google Chrome with 6 Comments

Google has begun rolling out Chrome 88 this week. Key among the improvements is a set of updates to password management and protection.

“Passwords help protect our online information, which is why it’s never been more important to keep them safe,” Google’s Ali Sarraf writes in a new post to the Google Security Blog. “But when we’re juggling dozens (if not hundreds!) of passwords across various websites—from shopping, to entertainment[,] to personal finance—it feels like there’s always a new account to set up or manage. While it’s definitely a best practice to have a strong, unique password for each account, it can be really difficult to remember them all—that’s why we have a password manager in Chrome to back you up.”

And that password manager is getting two major updates in Chrome 88. They are:

Check passwords. Chrome will now examine the strength of your passwords and recommend fixing those that are weak, where previously it only alerted you to those that are known to have been exposed in an exploit. The latter feature, called Safety Check, is used over 14 million times every week now, Google says.

Faster and easier password management. Now, you can edit your passwords faster and easier in Chrome settings. This is especially useful for sites for which you have multiple passwords.


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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Chrome 88 Improves Password Protections”

  1. johnlavey

    IMO, I think this improvement to Chrome puts it's security factors head and shoulders above the rest of the browsers. Hopefully, the rest of the browsers will follow Chrome's lead......

  2. crunchyfrog

    I would NEVER use or recommend using any browser based password manager. Too many security issues within a browser that can and often will result in a compromise. If you value your security, use a secure password manager like Lastpass.

  3. michael

    I have not been entrusting the native password managers for chrome or Safari with the iPhone for anything less than inconsequential websites. Can they be trusted with confidential information?

  4. behindmyscreen

    In reply to digiguy:

    Do you use 25-character long gibberish passwords?

  5. jonahemery

    Love Dashlane password manager. Especially when it includes no logs VPN for $40 a year.