Google Delays Chrome Privacy Sandbox to 2023

Posted on June 24, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Google Chrome with 2 Comments

Google’s modern replacement for third-party cookies, called the Privacy Sandbox, has been delayed from 2022 to 2023, the online giant announced today.

“Today, we’re sharing the latest on the Privacy Sandbox initiative including a timeline for Chrome’s plan to phase out support for third-party cookies,” Google’s Vinay Goel writes. “While there’s considerable progress with this initiative, it’s become clear that more time is needed across the ecosystem to get this right.”

Google revealed its plans for the Privacy Sandbox back in March, promising to somehow support both its advertising empire and user privacy in Chrome. But now Google believes it needs to be implemented as a web standard.

“In order to do this, we need to move at a responsible pace,” Goel says. “This will allow sufficient time for public discussion on the right solutions, continued engagement with regulators, and for publishers and the advertising industry to migrate their services. This is important to avoid jeopardizing the business models of many web publishers which support freely available content. And by providing privacy-preserving technology, we as an industry can help ensure that cookies are not replaced with alternative forms of individual tracking, and discourage the rise of covert approaches like fingerprinting.”

Google now hopes to have the Privacy Sandbox available in Chrome as a beta for developers by late 2022. And then it hopes to phase out third-party cookies over a three-month period starting in mid-2023 and ending in late 2023.

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2 responses to “Google Delays Chrome Privacy Sandbox to 2023”

  1. markbyrn

    I guess the FLoC is grounded.

  2. locust_infested_orchard_inc.

    'Google' and 'privacy' in the same sentence is oxymoronic. ?