These are the Features Microsoft Turned Off or Replaced in Chromium-Based Edge

Posted on April 8, 2019 by Brad Sams in Microsoft Edge, Web browsers with 17 Comments

Earlier today, Microsoft made its new browser that is based on Chromium available to everyone. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can find more information about the release, here.

With the new app, Microsoft is taking the open-sourced portion of Chromium, and using it to build its new browser. The result is a browser that looks and feels like Google’s Chrome, but it’s not quite the same in all corners of the product. Yes, there are many major elements that are identical but Microsoft did replace or turn off features too.

Thanks to a slide deck uncovered by WalkingCat, we now have a list of everything that was either replaced or switched off. Also, keep in mind that these are early development builds and this list could change and likely will change, before the final release.

This list isn’t all that surprising, most of the direct Google features, like Pay and Cloud messaging, are off and the extension store has been replaced by Microsoft’s own offering. I would love for Microsoft to provide a detailed list of what Microsoft replaced each service they turned off with but this is the best we have, for now.

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