Microsoft Releases New Edge Insider Dev Build With Improved Privacy, Accessibility

Posted on July 24, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft Edge with 0 Comments

Microsoft is releasing a new update for those running the developer channel of its new Microsoft Edge browser. The company is releasing build today for all the supported platforms, and it includes a number of new features and improvements.

The update introduces a new setting for clearing your browsing data every time you close the browser. The new setting can be found under the browser’s Privacy and Services settings.

The updated build also makes it so the entire browser interface uses your Windows system settings and colors for high contrast, so those who do use the high contrast features in Windows will now have a consistent experience when using Edge without having to manually set the settings again within the browser.

On the Mac, the updated build makes it so the Microsoft SmartScreen is now built-in on the browser, instead of being an additional extension. It’s a minor change to how the feature is implemented, so you won’t see any difference in terms of functionality.

There are a couple of other minor changes, so here’s the full changelog:

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Hulu playback for some users. Hulu would not play on a supported monitor if there was a second unsupported monitor attached.
  • The user interface now uses Windows system settings and colors for high contrast.
  • When importing your data from other browsers in profile settings, a new option to import cookies is available.
  • Website permissions like access to location and devices are now migrated from the current version of Microsoft Edge when you install an insider channel.
  • When Microsoft Defender SmartScreen identifies a malicious site, if you open the site information flyout from the left side of the address box you will see new options to “Report as safe” and “Show unsafe content”.
  • SmartScreen protection is now built-in on macOS, and the SmartScreen extension has been disabled.
  • The option to disable SmartScreen is no longer available in guest mode.
  • In response to feedback, we increased the width of pinned tabs to make them easier to see and click.
  • The ability to export passwords to a CSV file has been restored.
  • Updated the error messages seen when the PDF reader is disabled in site permissions. Different errors are now shown for local files versus web files, and the messages offer a quick link to the setting.
  • In the download page, canceled downloads are now shown with gray color and strikethrough title.
  • You can now use spacebar to choose items in menus, in addition to the enter key.
  • When opening a menu with the keyboard, the first item in the menu is now selected by default.

If you are running the dev channel of the new Edge, it should automatically update as soon as you launch it the next time. If not, you can grab the latest build from the browser’s settings, or download it manually here.

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