Microsoft Releases First Update to New Edge Beta

Posted on September 26, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Edge with 10 Comments

Microsoft has released the first Beta channel update for the new Edge web browser. It’s based on Chromium 78.

“This is the first Beta channel build that is based on Chromium 78, and it contains a number of fixes, improvements, and new features that we’ve been iterating on in the Dev and Canary channels for the past several weeks,” Microsoft writes in the release notes. “In this update, tracking prevention is enabled by default, you will find some new sign-in and sync features, and a new favorites button giving you quicker access to your favorites.”

As you may know, Microsoft now offers Canary (nightly), Dev (weekly), and Beta versions of the new Edge, the latter of which gets updated every six weeks. I had started on Canary but switched to Beta once that version became available and have found it to be quite stable. There are only a few missing features: For example, extension sync still doesn’t work. But beyond that, it seems close to being ready for mass consumption.

You can learn about the new Microsoft Edge from the Microsoft Edge Insiders website.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Releases First Update to New Edge Beta”

  1. Thomas Parkison

    I use the Dev build as a daily driver, it's amazing how stable this is.

  2. rlbumpus

    Canary has the option to stop videos from automatically playing. Do you see that option in Settings in this release?

  3. volatilechar

    IE Mode is buggy for anything beyond the casual. At work, Edge Dev fails to load follow-on tabs or windows after clicking buttons that do POST or use javascript to open new tabs/windows. Reported.

  4. garrett

    I like everything about it, with one major exception. One can only save a link to the Taskbar. I'd need a new monitor to see my 4,000+ links on the Taskbar. The workaround is to drag the URL on top to the desktop.

  5. bart

    When installing PWA's, the app listing has changed as well. No more 'tiles' . Same as the Dev and Canary builds

  6. richardbottiglieri

    I've been using the DEV channel on my Windows PCs and Mac computers for a little while now, and it's been rock solid for me. There was a bookmark syncing issue on their side a couple of weeks ago (it affected all channels), but that's been resolved. In fact, this is now the default browser on all of my computers (except for the iOS devices). I'm even using Bing as the search engine, which I have been pleasantly surprised with. I've not had to go back to Google for any of my searches thus far, and like most people, I use the search function a ton on a daily basis. I'm not arguing that Bing is better than Google at internet search, but I do think that the difference isn't as big as many believe it to be (or Google would like you to think).

    I agree 100% with Paul: Microsoft putting out a Chromium based browser is the best decision they've made in this space in a very long time. I mean, it's Chrome without all of the creepy Google stuff. What's not to like? :-)

  7. cwfinn

    When, if ever, will the ability to sort Favorites alphabetically be added? Maybe I'm too dense to find it but if it's there, it's well hidden

    • sajohnson53402

      In reply to cwfinn:

      It's a little convoluted, but it's easily done.

      Go to Favorites, then at the top of the menu, click on the Manage Favorites.

      In your list of Favorites, go to the very top of the menu, somewhere in the same area of the "Favorites bar" title. Right click anywhere, and you should get a menu that includes "Sort by Name"

  8. biswa321

    A great piece of information on Microsoft. Thanks for sharing!