Microsoft Tests Improved Design for Edge on Android

Posted on October 23, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Microsoft Edge with 2 Comments

Microsoft is testing an improved design for its Edge browser on Android devices. Although the new redesign is widely being reported as a major upgrade, it’s more of a minor change that only improves the design of the main menu of the app.

The new design is currently being tested with some users (via MSPU), as we were not able to get the new design on our Android devices. Even if you do have the beta release of Microsoft Edge for Android, you may not get the new design just yet.

As for the new design itself, Microsoft has introduced a much better interface for the Hub, which you can now access from the main menu icon at the bottom. The company has removed the dedicated Continue on PC button from the bottom, moving it to the new hub menu. You can also choose to customize the menu itself by dragging all the different icons around which is pretty neat.

We will let you know when this new design is more widely available, but for now, keep an eye out for the new design if you do use Edge on your Android device.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Microsoft Tests Improved Design for Edge on Android”

  1. Erick Paluan

    I have the new UI already <3

  2. PhilipVasta

    This looks great. I do hope they add some sort of animation to tab access. I always find it jarring and hard to place which tab I just came from.