Extension Sync is Coming to Edge Canary

Posted on February 14, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Edge with 13 Comments

The latest Canary build of the new Microsoft Edge will finally add the long-awaited extension syncing functionality, leaving only browser history sync as the major missing bit of functionality in Microsoft’s new web browser.

“Extension syncing coming to an Edge browser near you soon,” a post to Microsoft’s Tech Community forums claims, noting that it is available in build 82.0.424.0 of the 64-bit version of Edge in Canary.

The shipping version of Edge is still 80, so it may be a few months before this feature makes its way to most Edge users. Canary, as you may recall, is updated every night whereas Dev builds are updated every week, and Beta and Stable (shipping) builds are updated every six weeks.

Still, progress is progress. I’ll be very happy when this feature is broadly available.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Extension Sync is Coming to Edge Canary”

  1. untitled1

    This is nice, but browser history sync is a bigger deal for me. They did have it working at one point in Canary, though not totally reliably.

  2. taswinfan

    Can anyone help me understand exactly wha this extension sync? I have not used chrome or Google much so I am not really sure how it works or what purpose it serves. Do extensions automatically download on a synced browser? Say I reset my computer and then log in with my account... Do the extensions download and enable themselves again?

  3. doubledeej

    Why isn't the Canary version called Bleeding Edge? And the Beta version, Leading Edge?

  4. MichaelDarby

    Extension Sync does not appear active in build 425.

  5. skipper

    That's good to hear.

    What about the "Set tabs aside" and inking support. After installing the new Edge, (the old one uninstalled in the process), I found these not to be there. I'm hoping these will also be added soon as well.

  6. enigmaxg2

    I'm on version 82.0.425.0 and is not available for me.