Microsoft Posts Latest Edge Roadmap

Posted on March 15, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Edge with 14 Comments

Microsoft has updated its roadmap for the new Edge again, and there’s all kinds of good news for fans of the web browser.

“We are really excited to announce today that we are moving every item we had Under Review last week to a Planned status,” Microsoft’s Missy Quarry writes in the announcement post. “Enable navigation of PDF files via table of contents is now moved to Planned. Additionally, all of the new tab page items that were Under Review are now Planned for March.”

Those proposed features and changes that were previously Under Review and are now Planned for March (in Canary) include:

  • Provide option to keep specific cookies when choosing to clear browsing data on close
  • Enable sync of installed browser extensions between devices
  • Option to set a custom photo as the New Tab Page background photo
  • Add an option to hide the Bing search bar on the new tab page
  • Allow the search bar in the new tab page to be configured with other search providers
  • Provide an option to set a custom URL for a new tab instead of showing the new tab page

Pretty incredible, and some of those—like the ability to remove the Bing search bar on the New Tab page—are the types of changes the Windows 10 team simply won’t or can’t make to their product. (I’m looking at you, crapware and ads, two misbegotten attempts at monetization that undercut and cheapen, instead of adding user value.) And those, combined with the sheer speed of Edge updates and changes, highlight how positive it is that Edge is now being developed on its own very rapid schedule. You know, like a real browser.

Thanks to Ibrahim J. for the tip.

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Comments (14)

14 responses to “Microsoft Posts Latest Edge Roadmap”

  1. madthinus

    There is some serious printing bugs in Chrome that is carried through to Edge. This is the downside of using Chromium.

    One of the dumbest decisions out of Windows group was the tying of Edge to Windows 10 product cycle.

    • richardbottiglieri

      In reply to madthinus:

      Totally agree. Here's my favorite: select print using system dialog, and print to PDF. You'll get a PDF, but one where you cannot copy and paste any of the text. This bug exists on Chrome/Edge for Windows and Mac. Ridiculous.

  2. garrett

    Still waiting for Edge to catch up to ancient technology. The ability to create a shortcut to the desktop still alludes them. Sure one can highlight the URL and drag it to the desktop, minus the favicon that identifies the link source.

    BTW, the links don't stay on the desktop. They are moved to my Reference folder along with the 4,000 plus fellow links.

  3. will

    ...still waiting for the Window roadmap <crickets>

    • longhorn

      In reply to will:
      ...still waiting for the Window roadmap <crickets>

      If Windows ever has the same market share as Edge there will be a detailed roadmap communicated with style and precision.

      "the types of changes the Windows 10 team simply won’t or can’t make to their product."

      Same as above. Windows has a captive market. The tech industry is an oligopoly and they don't want to step on each others toes. Apple price themselves out of competition and Google has no interest in desktop and productivity except for their cloud offerings. Despite its shortcomings Linux on the desktop probably puts more pressure on Windows to "behave" than its competitors.

      Those that should be blamed are Apple and Google.

  4. tboggs13

    I received Extension Syncing in the last couple of days on Canary. You think this pace might have something to do with the approach to replacing old Edge on all desktops and the release of 2004?

  5. rickeveleigh

    I'd like it if the Android version a) didn't keep changing its icon between new Edge and old Edge b) didn't crash whenever I use it -- the only Android app that does. But other than that...

    • Philip

      In reply to RickEveleigh:

      Curious about which Andriod version you mean since I have used the Dev version on my Pixel 3 phone since it was available without any issue. The new icon has not changed since it first replaced the original icon.

  6. Chris Payne

    Hm, what this means to me is that the Edge team is running out of things to do, and will likely be cut down soon.

  7. skinnyjm

    Is there a page somewhere that lists what build each channel is currently on? Chromium has one, but I can't seem to find one for the new Edge. Thank You.