Collections Comes to Edge Mobile

Posted on July 29, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Microsoft Edge, Mobile with 9 Comments

The Collections feature from Microsoft Edge on desktop is now available in the Android and iOS versions of the app, Microsoft says.

“Collections helps you easily collect and organize content that you find across the web,” Microsoft’s Amy DeVries writes. “But of course you’re not always in front of your laptop and a lot of research happens while you’re out and about! Collections on mobile makes it easy to add more content and start new collections directly from your phone. We’ve specifically designed Collections on mobile so that you can easily jump between webpages and compare items in your collections.”

Collections appears to be available immediately—make sure you have Edge version or higher on Android or version 45.6.2 or higher on iOS. To get started, tap the Settings and more (“…”) icon at the bottom of the app window and then select Collections. You’ll be prompted to sync your collections between devices if you’ve not used the feature yet.

You can create a new collection on mobile by tapping the New Collection (“+”) button while in the Collections view. To add a page to an existing collection, tap “…” and then Add to Collection. You can also organize your collections while in the Collections view.

Microsoft Edge mobile also provides a collapsible Collections drawer that lets you see webpages alongside your collections. You can expand this drawer to see more of your collection or collapse it so you can focus on the webpage you’re viewing.

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