Microsoft Edge 100 Lands in the Beta Channel

Posted on March 18, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Microsoft Edge with 3 Comments

Microsoft Edge 100 is now available for testers in the Beta channel. This new update will mark an important symbolic milestone for the web browser, though it’s actually pretty light on new features. 

The main change in Microsoft Edge 100 is a new option for syncing installed websites or progressive web apps (PWAs) across devices. Edge now makes it pretty easy to install websites as “apps,” and turning sync on for installed web apps will show them as “Available apps on other devices.” Moreover, uninstalling a web app on one PC will also remove it on other synced devices.   

Microsoft Edge is the default PDF reader on Windows PCs, and the version 100 of the browser also brings a new previewing experience for PDF attachments in Outlook or local PDFs in File Explorer. These files will now be opened in a new “lightweight and rich read-only preview,” the Edge team explained. 

For IT Admins, Microsoft Edge 100 also provides more granular controls for session cookie sharing between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer for IE Mode. There are also various new policies mentioned in the release notes. 

Microsoft Edge recently switched to a 4-week release cycle to keep up with Chromium releases, and Microsoft Edge 100 should start rolling out to the Stable channel at the end of March. The Edge team previously shared its concerns about compatibility problems that could be caused by the shift to a three-digit version number in the user agent string, though web developers already had some time to get ready.  

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Microsoft Edge 100 Lands in the Beta Channel”

  1. anoldamigauser

    I am running the Dev channel and it is showing version 101. When it was running version 100, I had problems with the report control on aspx pages; reports would not run.

  2. LT1 Z51

    I love how with version numbers so high they are basically meaningless. I'm running version 1748456792!

  3. wright_is

    Does it also have the workaround that Google put in Chrome 100, so that websites that can't cope with 3-digit version numbers still work with Edge 100?