Mozilla Moves to Replace Firefox with Fenix on Android

Posted on April 27, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile, Mozilla Firefox with 15 Comments

A Mozilla support document explains how the organization will phase out Firefox for Android this year and replace it with a new mobile browser. That browser, called Fenix, is completely new and is designed to overcome Firefox’s abysmally low usage on Android.

“The goal is to provide users with a secure and supported legacy Firefox for Android product until Fenix has reached migration readiness, while minimizing our ongoing support costs,” the Mozilla support document, which was first spotted by Ghacks, explains. “We will not be shipping new web platform features on mobile until Fenix ships.”

From what I can tell, the current version of Firefox for Android is basically in maintenance mode, and will only be supported by bug fixes, until the new version, codenamed Fenix, is ready for public release. Mozilla intends to make that transition this year, and it will likely end support for the current Firefox for Android sometime in 2020.

Those interested in testing Fenix today will need to side-load it from the Taskcluster website as it’s not available from the Google Play Store.

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