Mozilla Releases Firefox 68

Posted on July 9, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, iOS, Mac and macOS, Mobile, Mozilla Firefox, Windows 10 with 9 Comments

Today, Mozilla announced the release of Firefox 68 for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and enterprise.

“With this latest Firefox release we’ve added new features so you can browse the web the way you want — unfettered and free,” Mozilla’s Marissa Wood wrote in the announcement. “We’ve also made improvements for IT managers who want more flexibility when using Firefox in the workplace.”

Here’s what’s new:

Improvements to Firefox Reader View. Firefox Reader View picks up a new “blackout shade” that makes the entire experience dark when the browser is using dark mode. “Initially, this only covered the text area,” Mozilla notes. “Now, when a user moves the contrast to dark all the sections of the site — including the sidebars and toolbars will be completely in dark mode.”

Firefox Recommended Extensions. Mozilla has curated a list of recommended extensions that have been thoroughly reviewed for security, usability, and usefulness and made them available to users in a list on the “Get Add-ons” page in the Firefox Add-ons Manager (about:addons).

Report bad extensions. Mozilla is making it easier to report bad extensions directly through the Firefox Add-ons Manager, part of a larger effort to make the add-ons ecosystem safer.

New Firefox for iOS features. Firefox for iOS is picking up two new features in this release, bookmark editing and a way to configure sites to always open in the desktop (rather than mobile) version.

Firefox for Enterprise features. Firefox for Enterprise gets new policies for IT admins and pros who want to customize Firefox for their employees. You can find the complete list of policies here.

This week’s release follows Firefox 67, from May, and since then, Mozilla announced that it was enabling tracking protection in Firefox by default.

You can find Firefox for desktop at the Firefox website. Firefox for iOS is available from the Apple App Store. And Firefox for Enterprise is available from the Mozilla website.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Mozilla Releases Firefox 68”

  1. Texvik

    That should be Firefox 68, not Firefox 58.

  2. wixtech

    Just a minor correction - the new version is "68" not "58".

  3. Skolvikings

    You mean 68?

  4. CmdrZod4R

    Paul releases his post from - wait for it - January 23, 2018! :D

  5. Stooks

    Sixty Eight....but who is counting.

  6. MikeFromMarkham

    Still says 58 in the first paragraph, not 68. You're getting closer...

  7. david.thunderbird

    Ah come on gus what is a digit among fungus like us?

  8. ing222

    WebRender was just released for AMD cards in this release. It didn't appear to be enabled on my machine until i went into about:config and turned it on.

    With WebRender turned on, I definitely notice a difference for the better.

    More information:

  9. james_wilson

    It also has DOH (DNS over https - via Cloudflare). This stops anyone snooping on your DNS queries even if you don't have a VPN running. Nice addition for privacy. It's under 'Options->General->Network).