Mozilla Firefox is Now Available in the Microsoft Store

Posted on November 9, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Mozilla Firefox, Windows 10, Windows 11 with 13 Comments

Mozilla announced this morning that its flagship Firefox web browser is now available via the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 and 10.

“Firefox desktop is the first major browser to become available in the Windows Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users,” Mozilla announced. “Previously, if you were on Windows and wanted to use Firefox, you had to download it from the internet and go through a clunky process from Microsoft. Now that Microsoft has changed its Store policies, choosing Firefox as your desktop browser is even more seamless – and it comes with all the latest Firefox features.”

Perhaps as notable, Firefox is also the first major web browser in the Microsoft Store to use its own rendering engine; all of the other major browsers use the Chromium engine.

Mozilla is keen to point out that the ability to download Firefox from the Microsoft Store was only made possible because Microsoft reversed its previous anticompetitive policy of requiring Store-based browsers to use its rendering engine. “Now that Microsoft has changed their policies, we are finally able to ship Firefox with our industry-leading Gecko engine in the [Microsoft] Store,” Mozilla notes. “This lets us make your experience of the web joyful, safe, private, and fast.”

The version of Firefox in the Store is functionally identical to the version you download from, Mozilla adds.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Mozilla Firefox is Now Available in the Microsoft Store”

  1. coltigore

    tried searching for it, only found "guide or mozilla firefox" several times

  2. Ivan Sikorsky

    There are reports suggesting the store version of Firefox has its one click default function, reverse engineered from Microsoft edge, stripped.

    • covarr

      I just installed and checked for myself, and yeah, it's missing. I don't think they've said whether this is an oversight or was required for inclusion on the store, but I'm betting the latter.

  3. oasis

    Does this mean you can use this on a Windows 10S device?

  4. dan1986ist

    So, if you already have Firefox installed and decide to install from the Microsoft Store, is that version a side by side or replacement to the already installed instance?

  5. covarr

    Just a heads up: The build of Firefox currently found in the Microsoft Store is missing the workaround that lets it automatically set itself as your default browser with a single click. This might not be a dealbreaker for everyone, but it's certainly worth noting.

  6. wpcoe

    Are there any differences between the MS Store version and the one you download directly from Mozilla?

  7. madthinus

    Installed it and removed the old version of Firefox. Signed into my Firefox account and everything synced.

  8. scoop

    Where is the profile for the Store version of Firefox stored? Thanks.

    • scoop

      It's here: \AppData\Local\Packages\Mozilla.Firefox_n80bbvh6b1yt2\LocalCache\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\

  9. Piras

    Compared to Micorosoft Edge, bookmarks sync on Firefox without a hitch.