Mozilla Releases Firefox 100

Posted on May 3, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Mozilla Firefox with 9 Comments

Mozilla today announced the release of Firefox 100 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, adding new subtitles and captions features for Picture-in-Picture (PiP).

“Beginning with Firefox 1.0, we’ve continued to put our users first to develop and deliver on the features most important to them,” the Firefox team explains. “Our mission then—to build an internet open and accessible to all—still remains the same today. That’s why, nearly 99 releases later, we’re excited to introduce subtitles and captions to Firefox’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP).”

Mozilla added the PiP feature to Firefox in 2019, letting users pop video playback out from the main browser window and into a standalone player. It later added Multiple Picture-in-Picture (multi-PiP) for multiple pop-out video players. And now it is adding support for subtitles and captions in Firefox’s PiP windows.

“The subtitles and captions feature in Picture-in-Picture is available on three major streaming sites—YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix—plus all websites that support the emerging W3C standard called WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) format, such as Twitter and Coursera,” the firm explains. “It’s really as simple as turning on the subtitles or captions on the in-page video player of your favorite website, and they will appear in PiP when launched.”

You can download Firefox from the Mozilla website.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Mozilla Releases Firefox 100”

  1. SherlockHolmes

    Congrats. Hopefully to the next 100. Firefox is my daily driver.

  2. fbman

    Wow 100 versions..

    I still use it daily.. I never fell for that google spyware called chrome.

    • dftf

      You could also use Safari (on macOS), Chromium (on Linux), Edge (on Windows), or Brave, Opera or Vivaldi on virtually-every platform. If you purely want to avoid Google, Firefox isn't the only-answer thesedays...

  3. LT1 Z51

    When I left IE (one of the last) when Windows 10 came out, I moved to FireFox and I've never looked back. CrEdge is nice, but it still feels too "googly" for me.

  4. dftf

    Browser market-share stats for April 2022, from StatCounter:

    Desktop: Chrome 66.6%; Edge 10.1%; Safari 9.6%; Firefox 7.9%

    Tablet: Chrome 47.3%; Safari 38.1%; Firefox <1.45% (lumped-into the "other" group, no unique stats)

    Mobile: Chrome 63.6%; Safari 24.9%; Samsung Internet 4.9%; Firefox 0.5%

    So on Mobile and Tablet, Firefox barely-exists. And on desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD) it's only 0.09% higher than a year ago, on 7.78%, with a peak of 9.5% share in February this year.

    After their search-deal finally ends with Google, and assuming they don't enter-into one with Bing, as has been suggested, then I do-wonder what the future holds, given that the browser is their main product, and aside from Mozilla VPN, what other sources of income do they have?

    • miamimauler


      Yeah, Firefox is in all kinds of trouble and it appears only Google is holding them up.

      The future for Firefox is Chromium, it's sad but inevitable.

    • wright_is

      As a user of Firefox since it was called Phoenix, I donate regularly to the project.

    • ralfred

      I would love to move my mobile browsing to Firefox, but it just don't seem to be cared for enough on iOS or I'm just not liking what I'm seeing. Ecosia as a selectable search engine on mobile (on Desktop I just install the plugin) is something I miss. Adding Ecosia manually does not give me search suggestions.

      • dftf

        Remember that on iOS, as with all browsers, Firefox is essentially just Safari at it's heart, as all browsers on Apple's phone and tablet platforms have to use their WebKit engine. Only the browser interface and things like some of the sync-services differ.

        I would guess (not an Apple device user here) that there are no extensions on the iOS version of Firefox as a result? (Though, on the Android version, a grand-total of 17 are offered there, so you're not missing much!)

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