Firefox Now Supports Windows 11’s Efficiency Mode

Mozilla today announced the release of Firefox 108 which, among other things, adds support for Efficiency mode in Windows 11.

As I note in the Windows 11 Field Guide, Efficiency mode is a new Windows 11 feature that throttles a process’s priority in the CPU and improves its energy efficiency. Microsoft Edge is among the few apps that use Efficiency mode automatically. And unless I’m missing something—always possible—Firefox is the first non-Microsoft web browser to do so.

Or, as Mozilla notes, “processes used for background tabs now use efficiency mode on Windows 11 to limit resource use.”

Firefox 108 includes a few other new features as well. Import maps, which let webpages control the behavior of JavaScript imports, are now enabled by default. The SHIFT + ESC keyboard shortcut now opens the Firefox Process Manager so you can quickly identify processes that are using too many resources. And Mozilla improved performance elsewhere by improving frame scheduling when the browser is under load.

If you’re not using Firefox already, you can download it from the Mozilla website.

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