Xamarin University Now Offers a Monthly Payment Option

Posted on March 30, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Mobile, iOS, Android with 0 Comments

Xamarin University Now Offers a Monthly Payment Option

Microsoft announced today that it is now offering a monthly payment option for its Xamarin University e-learning solution. It previously only offered an annual plan.

“Xamarin’s goal has always been to make mobile development accessible to everyone, enabling any developer to easily become a mobile developer,” Microsoft’s Mark Smith explains. “Since launching Xamarin University, we’ve helped thousands of developers take their C# skills mobile, from setting up the IDE to providing architectural guidance and best practices to building for tvOS and wearables. Today, we’re making Xamarin University even more accessible with a new, flexible monthly subscription option.”

The new plan costs $83.25 per month, so it’s not a savings if you go for a full year: Xamarin University is $999 per year, which works out to $83.25. But many developers will need a lot less time to get up to speed on this technology, so this should still be a big savings.

As you may recall, Microsoft offered early Visual Studio 2017 adopters a free 60-day offer for Xamarin University. Of course, you should also get started with the Xamarin Challenge, right here on Thurrott.com.


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