You Can Now Stream or Download the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 Sessions

Posted on September 21, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Windows 10 with 0 Comments

You Can Now Stream or Download the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 Sessions

Good news for those who missed last week’s Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017: You can now stream or download each of the sessions from the Channel 9 website.

“Last week we welcomed hundreds of local developers and thousand of online viewers to our third annual Microsoft Edge Web Summit,” Microsoft’s Kyle Pflug writes. “Videos and slides from each session are now available to stream or download on Channel 9.”

You can find the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 sessions here. There are 14 sessions:

As you can see, this event is aimed at web developers, but I’m particularly interested in the two—PWA, HWA, Electron, oh my! Making sense of the evolving web app landscape and Service Worker: Going beyond the page—that appear to be specifically about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). I hope to watch those soon.

You may also recall that this event was the source of a curious claim by Microsoft that its Edge web browser is actively used on over 330 million PCs. But as I pointed out, that is mathematically impossible. Unless Microsoft is adding in non-browsing usage, such as PDF viewing, that is.


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