Visual Studio Live Share Now Generally Available

Posted on April 2, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Dev with 1 Comment

One of the greatest things Microsoft has built over the past year or so is Visual Studio Live Share. It is a really great tool that allows you to live share your code with others, and work together on the same codebase all in real-time.

It’s almost like working on a Word document together with a friend, but for your codebase. I frequently use the feature on Visual Studio Code to help friends debug their code and it works wonderfully well.

And now, Microsoft is making Visual Studio Live Share generally available. With Visual Studio 2019, Live Share is also integrated directly into Visual Studio 2019.

“Live Share can be used while pair programming, conducting code reviews, giving lectures and presenting to students and colleagues, or even mob programming during hackathons. Live Share complements the many diverse ways you work – whether it be together while co-located in the same office, remotely from home, or in different countries on opposite sides of the world,” Microsoft said, announcing the new general availability of Live Share.

Microsoft is also introducing support for third-party extensions on Visual Studio Live Share today. That means you will be able to use some third-party extensions within the Live Share experience in Visual Studio. This includes the extension OzCode, which helps with C# debugging and CodeStream which allows you to use an integrated chat experience that can be very useful to communicate while in a Live Share session.

Visual Studio Live Share is available directly from Visual Studio 2019, which you can download here. The feature is also available on Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor.

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