Programming Windows: A Timeline (Premium)


After obsessing over the idea of an open-ended “Programming Windows” series for months, I finally took a chance and published the introductory article last week with no real expectation of whether this would resonate with readers. So, I’m pleased with the positive response. This is something that I care about deeply, and while I understand that developer topics are somewhat esoteric to some, I really do believe that understanding these topics, even at a high level, is key to a better understanding of the platform.

Expanding on what I wrote last week, this series will proceed in no particular order, though this entry is a logical follow-up to the introduction because it spells out the major milestones that I’ll be covering, each with multiple articles, in the months ahead. Future entries can and will appear out of order, however, and I will maintain and eventually publish an index so that you can view them as a whole in chronological order. (Currently, I’m thinking about covering the .NET announcement next, for example.)  In short, this will proceed a bit like a book, but online and publicly, and it will evolve and change over time, I’m sure.

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