WinUI 3.0 Enters Alpha Preview

Posted on November 4, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Windows 10 with 6 Comments

At its Ignite 2019 conference today in Orlando, Microsoft announced that Windows UI Library (WinUI) 3.0, its upcoming user interface framework for Windows 10, is now available in an early alpha preview release.

Microsoft described WinUI 3.0 as a “full-stack UI solution” that “brings the same native controls and features found in the [Universal Windows Platform] UWP XAML framework for any Windows application, from UWP to Win32 desktop apps, and whether you’re a .NET Core developer or writing in pure, native C++. Developers can add WinUI 3.0 Alpha to new and existing UWP app projects via NuGet, just as they would with WinUI 2.x.”

In other words, the mission here is separating out the Windows 10-specific user interface capabilities from UWP, which is no longer a priority for Microsoft and its developer base. With WinUI 3.0, developers will be able to create Windows 10 apps in any environment they prefer and gain access to UI controls that were previously limited to the unpopular UWP.

You can learn more about WinUI 3.0 on GitHub.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “WinUI 3.0 Enters Alpha Preview”

  1. dontbeevil

    you can clearly see a huge "Universal Windows Platform" green rectangle here

    • v_2samg

      In reply to dontbeevil:

      Paul will say anything sometimes. Just saying. :)

    • Omen_20

      In reply to dontbeevil:

      I'm hopeful UWP still bears fruit one day. So far the only thing I have hope in is IoT, maybe. I'm not convinced Microsoft will corner that market. Surface Hub seems like a safer bet, but one that might not mean much. I suspect the future of apps on any Microsoft platform will be web based. Xbox apps don't seem any different than their counterparts on smart TVs or any other setup box. HoloLens is an unproven market and one that Apple could corner due to their hardware prowess with SoC performance.

  2. ZeroPageX

    I assume WinUI a UWP framework? I've never heard of it. Good to hear us who have existing apps to maintain can use the new shiny stuff!

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