GitHub Launches New Native Mobile App

Posted on November 13, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Dev with 2 Comments

GitHub is finally coming to mobile devices. At its annual GitHub Universe conference, the Microsoft-owned company today announced a ton of new features for its platform, including the new mobile app.

GitHub has long provided APIs that allowed third-party developers to create mobile apps for GitHub, but to date, we have never had an official app from the company itself.

With the new app, though, that’s changing. GitHub’s new app is built natively for mobile devices and allows users to browse their repositories, the GitHub community, access their notifications, review (and merge) pull requests, look through their code, and more. The app features dark mode support, too, and adapts nicely for larger screens like iPads.

GitHub is first testing the new app with iOS users as part of a beta, and it’s “coming soon” for Android. The company also announced a ton of other news at GitHub Universe today, including code navigation, code search, updates go GitHub SPnosors, GitHub Actions, and GitHub Packages.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “GitHub Launches New Native Mobile App”

  1. F4IL

    Hopefully they won't try to kill open source applications like octodroid, etc.

  2. awright18

    yay!!! I think this will make many GitHub users happy. The website is not easy to use on a mobile device, not sure if this will improve the code reading experience, but probably makes a ton of sense for every other scenario when you are on the go or away from a real computer. The tablet screen shot looks really nice too. I have always liked GitHub, but I think they have been doing some great things since being purchased by Microsoft. I personally think when it comes to their products they are frequently listening to their customers and taking action based on that feedback.