GitHub Launches New Command Line Experience

Posted on February 12, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Dev with 1 Comment

If you use GitHub, you probably use Git to work with all your repositories. Git is brilliant at what it does, and there is obviously no need for an alternative. But Microsoft-owned GitHub is working on an interesting new command-line interface for GitHub.

The company is launching a new GitHub CLI experience in beta this week for macOS, Windows, and Linux. And don’t worry — it’s not here to replace Git.

GitHub CLI actually focuses on something completely different: GitHub Issues and Pull Requests. Using the “gh” command, you can check all the issues and pull requests on your repositories. You can list the existing items, filter them by different attributes, or even create new ones right from the command line.

The new interface also lets you view the status of your work so far, and check out your pull requests without leaving the command line. GitHub says this is just the foundation for the new CLI, and the company will continue to develop the experience going forward. The entire project is open-sourced on GitHub itself, so you can make contributions to it as well.

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Comments (1)

One response to “GitHub Launches New Command Line Experience”

  1. Omen_20

    I wonder if this will integrate with Azure DevOps.