The WPF Notepad Project: Getting Started (Premium)


For this second project, we’re going to recreate our Notepad clone, .NETpad, using C#, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and .NET Core 3.1. But as you may have seen in my short series of posts, The WPF Files, this time will be a bit different: I’ve already created the application, so here I’m doing it again and documenting it as I go. So I should be able to finish it up much more quickly.

That’s good, because the original article series, The WinForms Notepad Project, which focused on a Visual Basic/Windows Forms/.NET Framework version of the Notepad clone, took a lot longer than I had expected. Though on the positive side, I was able to accomplish more than I had hoped, too. Plus during that time, I created a separate C# port (also using WinForms and the .NET Framework.) Yes, I’ve been kind of obsessing over this.

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