The UWP Notepad Project (Redux): User Settings (Premium)

To find out, let’s start with the font settings.

UWP’s support for fonts is very similar to that in WPF, which is nice because there’s less of a learning curve. (Moving from WinForms to WPF, by comparison, was difficult in this regard.) As with the WPF version of the app, we’ll keep track of the font family (what most would think of as “the font”) and the font size chosen by the user, plus whether it is bold and/or italic; so the font-related user settings we’ll create and interact with will include MyFontFamily, MyFontSize, MyFontBold, and MyFontItalic. We’ll load the associated user settings when the application first runs, and we’ll save them when the user changes any font configuration. Ideally, we’d also save them when the application closes, as we do in the WinForms and WPF versions of the app, but UWP makes that difficult.

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