Microsoft Edge WebView2 is Now Available for .NET Apps

Posted on November 20, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Microsoft Edge with 1 Comment

Microsoft announced today that it’s Edge-based WebView 2 is now available for developers to use in .NET 5, .NET Core, and .NET Framework applications, including those built with Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation.

This release follows an October launch of WebView 2 for Win32 C/C++ applications.

WebView2 is built on the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge and is used by developers to render web content—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—in applications. And in addition to this release for .NET, WebView 2 is also available in a Fixed Version distribution variant that doesn’t get updated over time and is aimed at applications with strict compatibility requirements.

The only thing left now, of course, is a version of WebView 2 for WinUI 3.0, but that will need to wait on the general release of that user interface library sometime in early 2021.

Developers interested in WebView 2 can learn more here.

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One response to “Microsoft Edge WebView2 is Now Available for .NET Apps”

  1. eric_rasmussen

    It works on Windows 7 and up. Nice.

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