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Posted on April 20, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Dev, Games with 1 Comment

Microsoft today announced a new program called [email protected] that’s aimed at game creators who want to build, scale, and operate titles on Azure.

[email protected] will help empower independent game studios, start-up game developers, and individual creators to take full advantage of Microsoft cloud services as they build and grow their games,” a Microsoft representative told me. “[email protected] unlocks full access to Azure’s cloud infrastructure, technologies, and services for games built for any platform (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Android), with any game engine (Unity, Unreal).”

Additionally, [email protected] members will receive free access to developer tools and support from industry experts in Azure cloud services and across Microsoft. The program is open to any developer and will provide the following benefits:

  • Azure cloud development information specifically tailored to game development with case studies and use cases directly applicable to their games.
  • Best practices and examples from Microsoft Cloud Architects that they can use immediately.
  • Dedicated Azure credits that allow creators to try Azure services at no cost and start developing without significant tech investment.
  • Access to actionable best practices and tactics on developing with the cloud from Microsoft’s own Xbox Game Studios.

As you might expect from the name, [email protected] is modeled after the successful [email protected] program, which helps independent game makers publish digital titles on Xbox and Windows.

You can lean more at the [email protected] website.

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One response to “Microsoft Announces [email protected]

  1. ghostrider

    Just where is this going to end? Cloud providers like MS want all your data - everything. All types, all content - the lot. They say they're providing a service, but ultimately, it's all about lock in and growing revenue. I'm not saying these datacenters are cheap to run, but CSP running costs are tiny compared to the money they're making.

    This is all going to end badly somewhere down the line!