The WPF Notepad Project (2022): Reviving My Favorite .NETpad (Premium)


For my March programming project, I’m reviving the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) version of .NETpad, which is my favorite version of the app. As with the Windows Forms version, I’ll make this project available on GitHub so that others can fork the project and customize it as they’d like.

As you may recall, the WinForms version of .NETpad required a lot of work before I could make it available publicly on GitHub. But that’s not the case with the WPF version: thanks in part to its more modern framework---albeit one that is still over 15 years old---this version makes a much easier transition to this .NET 6-based world. The source code also looks cleaner, and it thankfully offers more in the way of comments-based documentation.

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